Studio Izaac Enciso creates artworks consisting of collaborations between the artist and other professionals that help in the realization of projects; from its development, research and production to the publishing and communications of the work produced.

The Studio also collaborates with specialized individuals, companies and institutions with progressivist agendas to develop artworks by commission. The projects currently range from site-specific sculptural installations, experimental and traditional photography and filmmaking.

Studio Background

Since 2006, the studio has been known as FOG and it mostly rendered commercial art for companies and individuals in the Entertainment and Advertising Industries. During these years, Enciso worked mostly solo directing music videos, shooting documental and commercial photography, and art directed commercial projects for major brands like Fairfax Recordings of Walt Disney Music Group, Toyota, Comcast, Mitsubishi, Acura, Toshiba, Time Warner Cable / Spectrum, Wells Fargo and many others, earning these companies and the artist marketing and advertising awards.