Izaac Enciso is an artist working across disciplines including photography, film, sculpture and music. His work oscillates between the abstract and conceptual art. Formally his work intends to expand perception and aesthetics. Enciso’s work draws inspiration from environmental, political, health, scientific, human and animal rights, ethical matters and is interested in the expansion and development of the human potential. With his work Enciso tries to stimulate the audience to help make the world a better place. Across all disciplines, the works depict these subject matters tied to personal experiences and emotions with an underlying spiritual subtext.

Enciso utilizes drawings and computer software from which he conceives work that is turned into physical pieces. When making images, the artist does experimental visual research, exploring with “on camera” techniques such as filters, light and visual illusions. When working with sound he writes, plays guitar, synths and produces his own demos.

Born in 1980 in Mexico City, Enciso attended Business, Advertising and Film Schools in Mexico and Spain. His interest in music and film led him to start a career in the film industry with special interest in music videos; writing, concepting and executing videos, for which Enciso usually found inspiration in the art world, which eventually became where his main interests lived.

After having travelled broadly, in 2007 Enciso established himself in Los Angeles where he began working with photography and art direction. Enciso stablished his company FOG for media services and developed a career as an art director creating commercial art for major clients while continuing to work on his art projects.

In 2012 Enciso established his studio In Glendale, CA. Where he continued his projects and started making music. In 2016 Enciso published his first photography book Symbols which has earned him international recognition as a photographer. Also in 2016 Enciso was granted an Artist Visa in the United States.

Izaac Enciso lives and works in Los Angeles, CA and Mexico.