Enhance the value of your environment by incorporating artworks by Studio Izaac Enciso into your space. Real estate developers, interior designers & architects, hospitality groups and corporate offices understand that art creates iconic environments and spaces and inspires all who are in presence of great artworks. Art leasing then allows you to enhance the value of your property and collection in a financially affordable way.

If it happens that when you have fell in love with a certain artwork in situ, and do not want to return it at the end of the leasing period, you can extend the lease. Alternatively, purchasing it is an option, with some of the leasing costs deducted from the price of the work.

By leasing an artwork, a tailored consultation on your leasing inquiry will be held person to person to discuss the details such as leasing terms, costs and any further requirements to further assess the security of your location, advising on any improvements you could make, and ensuring that both the artwork and your security are assured. We’ll take care of your delivery and installation so your leased artwork is ready to be enjoyed in its new home.


Art Leasing Terms


Art Leasing has become a popular choice for private and commercial entities looking to display fine art without the costs associated with purchasing the artworks outright.

The leasing agreement is made directly between you (the client) and Studio Izaac Enciso. No outside leasing company is involved.

Leasing cost: The minimum total price of the artwork/s for a lease agreement is $5000. There is no limit to the number of pieces leased as long as a satisfactory security deposit is provided. Monthly payments for the leasing are 5% of the price of the leased artwork.

Term: Minimum term is one (1) year to be paid when the signed agreement is submitted. Term to renew automatically a written notice is provided by either the studio or the client 30 days before the renewal date. Payments are nonrefundable. Maximum leasing term: there is no limit to the time that the client lease the artwork; however, only the first year leases charges will be applied as a credit if you, (the client) choose to exercise the right toward a buyout, as outlined below.

Termination: You, (the client), may purchase the leased artwork at anytime. We ask that you, (the client), not de-install or move the artwork as damages may occur in the process - any such damages are not covered by our insurance and will be deducted from your security deposit.

Buyout: You, (the client), may purchase the leased artwork at anytime. All leasing charges paid (excluding installation charges) during the first year will be credited toward the buyout price.

Insurance: You, (the client), must purchase insurance for the artwork to be installed and your facility must meet building code standards prior to insure against damages that may incur. Some restrictions may apply.

Installation cost: The artwork must be installed by the Studio installation team. The installation charge is based on the travel and handling costs implied in the installation.

Contract: A tailored contract and more specific details about the leasing of your piece will be described in the Art Leasing Contract Agreement at the moment of the lease.

Interested in leasing one of Studio Izaac Enciso’s artworks, please get in touch.