DropResponse ♫

by Izaac Enciso

This music project started in 2012 by using recordings of the Mexican Elections extracted from YouTube videos. I chopped a selection of commentaries by important personalities in Mexico’s political scene and turned the phrases into songs. I produced 2 tracks, Taibo II and Código Dresser, as they were 2 of the most outspoken critics of Peña Nieto, and were very close to the student life which was the biggest anti-establishment (PRI) political movement then, named as Movimiento #Yosoy132.

The project evolved as a practice by making further recordings, while starting a music studio focused on producing only with analog and eurorack synthesizers. I mostly focused on creating beats and tracks for the dance floor within the techno, house, acid house, and electronic funk genres.

I worked making music for about a year and a half and due to a life event never released the tracks publicly. Up until today, several songs are still missing from my back up hard drives or they are unfinished.

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