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DropResponse ♫

by Izaac Enciso

This music project started in 2012 by using recordings of the Mexican Elections extracted from YouTube videos. I chopped a selection of commentaries by important personalities in Mexico’s political scene and turned the phrases into songs. I produced 2 tracks, Taibo II and Código Dresser, as they were 2 of the most outspoken critics of Peña Nieto, and were very close to the student life which was the biggest anti-establishment (PRI) political movement then, named as Movimiento #Yosoy132.

The project evolved as a practice by making further recordings, while starting a music studio focused on producing only with analog synthesizers. I mostly focused on creating beats and tracks for the dance floor within the techno, house, acid house, and electronic funk genres.

I worked making music for about a year and a half and never (officially) released the tracks publicly. Up until today, several songs are still missing from my back up hard drives or they are unfinished. Also most of these songs where my first produced tracks so they are not properly mixed and mastered.